Japanese Swordsmanship

‘Batto’ means to draw and strike with the sword. ‘Do’ refers to a path of training aimed at the complete development of the practitioner. The closer to the reality of combat one can get the more this training has to offer.

On the first day of training, sword and human meet as alien objects; over time they become one living thing. Eventually the blade will magnify and project the actions of the body, reflect mood and mind set, and ultimately point the way to the core of being.
from Kurikara –The Sword and the Serpent    John Maki Evans   Blue Snake Books 2010

Fudokan students train in Nakamura Ryu Battodo and Kurikara Ryu Hei Ho. Nakamura Ryu Battodo is a distillation of traditional Japanese swordsmanship developed by one of the most respected swordsmen of the 20th century. Kurikara Ryu Heiho is a comprehensive system of external and internal training that breaks down the obstacles in mind and body that inhibit natural and spontaneous wielding of the sword.

                                       4 week beginners course in January - see courses and events page.

                                      27th-31st December Tanren intensive - see courses and events